Every third woman is subjected to violence during her lifetime.

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This is the story of our unique journey to ten countries, where we investigated the violence that kills and harms women.


“Have you got any children he knows aren’t his? Does he spy on you, or leave threatening messages?”


“When I started working I was naive, and my aim was to have families reunited.”

Elena Zolotilova and Tatiana Pavlova


“I’m glad he’s a boy.”Name: HennaAge: 21
“Conversation could do more good than all the medicine in the world.”
“Sergey thrusts an axe into Tatiana’s breast. He then rolls her up in a rug, goes out and buys more spirits, and continues drinking vodka.”
We’re going to start a discussion about women’s rights in our area. Who: Rádio Mulher um Ambiente Comunitário

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