“I have never accepted the fact that I have been circumcised, because it causes me so much pain. It’s very hard for me to have sex.”
Magda, Minya, Egypt
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Karin Alfredsson (www.karinalfredsson.se) has written articles, debate books and novels on the subject of violence against women all her life, many from an international perspective. 

Karin's reflections

Linda Forsell
 (www.lindaforsell.com) has had an exhibition on the subject of sex and gender which has been shown all over Sweden. She has travelled and worked around the world, including in Israel/Palestine, Georgia and East Africa. 

Linda's reflections

Kerstin Weigl has been awarded a prize for investigative journalism for a unique study of all the women who have died in Sweden as a result of violence in close relationships during the 2000s. The investigation was undertaken together with Kristina Edblom, for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Kerstin's refelctions