Well-educated women in the cities live in relative equality. In reality, however, Russian society as a whole is characterised by traditional gender roles and perceptions, such as that women are responsible for the children and the family.
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“Sergey thrusts an axe into Tatiana’s breast. He then rolls her up in a rug, goes out and buys more spirits, and continues drinking vodka.”

Tatiana Andreyeva
Aged 58 

“It turned out that the medical certificate had disappeared. I expect his father bribed someone.”

Age: 24

“We have to share a home. I’ve nowhere to go.”

Age: 38

“When I was nine years old he made a woman of me.”

: Mariana
Age: 32 

 “I was unconscious for three days once after he banged my head against the toilet.”

: Evgenia
Age: 26

“I called the police, who said they’d come when I was dead.”

: Tatiana
Age: 50 

When he was drunk and angry, he beat me. I called the police, who said they’d come when I was dead.
I went on reporting him. Once he was fined 70 dollars because he’d almost strangled me.

“The most important thing is that the men don’t need to feel they are alone with their questions, feelings and expectations.”

Sergey Zakharow
What: Child psychologist who holds courses for fathers-to-be. 

“When I started working I was naive, and my aim was to have families reunited.”

Elena Zolotilova and Tatiana Pavlova
What: Fighting to open the city’s first women’s shelter.

“It is still the woman who is given the blame. People say it’s her responsibility to hold the family together.”

Natalia Lokhmatkina
What: PhD in the study of abused women in the Russian healthcare system.

“Violence is about control. It’s the loss of control that triggers violence.”  

Alexander Gogolkin
What: Leads M21, which works both for greater gender equality, and with the treatment of violent men.