Luciana feels safe going to the women's police station.
I left my husband two years ago. I just got up and left. I didn’t take anything with me. He was a drug addict, and violent, and I couldn’t take any more.

“The police didn’t come, even though I rang several times.”


Last year,
on Christmas Eve, after we’d separated, I was at a friend’s party, and he found out. When I left the party he was waiting in the street. He dragged me into the bushes, broke my wrist and beat my face up. I had a deep cut on my head too. I came straight to this women’s police station LÄNK till förändrare and the police took me to hospital. They gave me a medical certificate for the injuries, and after that it didn’t take long to get a protection order, but there still hasn’t been a trial. I don’t know what he can be convicted for. It won’t be called attempted murder, just assault.

He threatened to shoot me, or to cut my throat.

I bumped into him again recently, a few weeks ago, when I was in a bar with my friends. He came in and started arguing with me; he threatened to shoot me, or to cut my throat. I said I was going to call the police, because he’s not allowed within 200 metres of me. “Go ahead and call,” he said.  The police didn’t come, even though I rang several times.

Now I’ve come to the police station LÄNK till förändrare to report the latest incident. He’s broken the terms of the protection order and could be arrested for that, according to the court. I’ve got the papers about the protection order here. I hope something happens soon.