Well-educated women who live in the cities live in relative equality, while women in other parts of the country are not even allowed to leave their homes without the permission of their husband or family.
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“We won’t hide the girls away, they have nothing to be ashamed of and they have rights.”

Hope Village Society’s home for young mothers.
What: Offers support and education to street children who have become pregnant.

“I never think about tomorrow. I think about what’s happening now.”   

Ahmed Samy Ali and Khaled Abo-El Fadl.
What: Social workers who seek out street children.

“You only have to look at the TV series, and how badly the women behave. It’s because they haven’t been circumcised!”

BLACD (The Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development).

“When I look back on it, I feel genuine regret and compassion.” 

Enayat Abdelhanid
What: Midwife who has changed her opinion and is now opposed to genital mutilation.

“Sexual response is important. Mutual pleasure is good for the marriage.”

Hassanein Abdelhakam
What: Religious leader who has changed his opinion and is now oppose to genital mutilation.

“No-one really knows how to circumcise a woman.”

Magda Adly and Joseph Kamel.
What: Magda works with rehabilitation of victims of torture and violence in the home, and Joseph is a local doctor.  

“I have never accepted that I’ve been circumcised, because it causes me so much pain. It’s very hard for me to have sex. It hurts. Every time.”

Magda Nagiub Wahba
Age: 38

“It’s better to bring the girls up properly than to put them through that. And now my own mother feels the same way!”

Maryam Saiid
Age: 32

“It felt like I was being torn to pieces!”

Age: 14

“I have to have money so I can protect my child.”

Name: Martha
Age: 14