In practice there is almost total exemption from punishment for the majority of human rights abuse in Congo, not least for violence against women.

Cause of Death: Woman could not have been realised without the invaluable help we received from:

  • Unizon, who adopted the project when it was still in its embryo stage. SKR has contributed with expertise, contacts, administration and, not least, money. Thank you.
  • The author Stieg Larsson’s brother and father ( They financed our initial pilot trip, to Pakistan, and stepped in again towards the end when our coffers were empty. Thank you.  
  • SIDA (, The Swedish International Development Agency, our principal financier. Through SIDA we have also been able to establish close contact with embassies and aid staff in “our” countries. Thank you.  
  • The Sigrid Rausing Trust (, who also made a financial donation. Thank you.
  • The author Henning Mankell (, who contributed financially. Thank you.
  • The organisations, authorities and individuals who helped us on our journeys. All the friendly people who drove us around, acted as our interpreters, made phone calls on our behalf, introduced us – often without any payment. We have spent two weeks in each country.  Our schedule would not have been possible without the help of all these people. Thank you.
  • Louise Bååth ( and Kollegorna (, who have created an amazing website. Thank you.
  • Holger Thorsin (, who gave us our logotype and our graphic profile. Thank you.
  • Bodil Sjöström (, our editor and guardian angel, who pulled it all together at the end. Thank you.
  • Göran Arvidson (, who has worked round the clock to meet the deadline for putting all the photo material into the website you are visiting right now and who put together such strong and beautiful slide shows. Thank you.
  • Eva Sjöberg, our fact wizard, who has given so generously of her time to compile the material containing key facts, write the fact boxes and take part in all our discussions about the way things really are. Thank you.
  • Marion Söderström (, who has translated every word and sentence into English. Thank you.
  • James Fahy (, who gave us permission to use his music in the slide show. Thank you.
  • Leck Tear at Jorden resor (, who helped us to reach our destinations, some of which were almost impossible and has been there, ready to help us, in the middle of the night when we have run into difficulties. Thank you.
  • Our families, who have watched us submerge ourselves in texts and images, and worried about bandits in the Mexican drug cartels or the Congolese soldiers who started shooting at each other not far from where we were. Thank you.

Stockholm, February 2012

Karin Alfredsson
Linda Forsell
Kerstin Weigl