Gulnaz' cousin threw acid at her when she refused to marry him.
I came to the hospital for a new course of treatment. I’ve been here many times since it happened, 20 years ago. My cousin threw acid in my face. He wanted me, and when I married another man he took his revenge.

“The man who threw the acid over me only spent six months in prison.”

Age: 43

Everyone knew he was the person who had done it and he was sent to prison, but after six months he was out again. It was the local landowner who got him out by bribing the police.
We still live in the same village, but it’s big and I never see him. I’m not afraid of him any longer. Islam allows polygamy so after the attack my husband married again. He said I was so ugly. But I’ve still had three children so I’m obviously not totally useless.

I’m blind in one eye and I often have difficulty eating. 

I don’t think about my deformity much these days. Everyone in the village knows what happened and we don’t talk about it. But I’m blind in one eye and I often have difficulty eating. I work in the fields and look after the children. There’s no point in grieving over what has happened.